Dog Island Conditions
Big Dogs: 1570
Medium Dogs: 988
Small Dogs: 334
  High: 74° F
Low: 58° F

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Dog Events

May 8
New CD Dogology is finally Mastered! Click here to listen to samples

April 8
Big Dogs Island Visiting Day

September 8
Small Dogs Island Visiting Day

November 22
Around the Island On Boat
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There are 3 days of the year that visits are allowed. This is a beautiful and magical day for the people who have given their dogs a better chance at a new life.

Vacation Island
Because of demand, and because we know how much some dogs need rejuvenation, we offer a one month luxurious vacation island.

Only 50 dogs and owners are on this dream island at a time. The dogs are safe, totally safe, to be all over the island at any time. Each dog is given a Dog Island Dog Tag, which allows us to know by use of GPS where he or she is at all times. Sometimes, it can be so funny what happens with the GPS monitoring.

Hopefully, one day we can become proud users of the State of the Art GPS Collars made by

There are small very deluxe cabins that are ecologically built so as to not disturb the dogs' love of nature, while at the same time we provide special anti-user-interface dog houses which comes with beds for the dogs and also special Dog Island doggie clothing.

We apologize to not offer this to poor people but it takes an enormous amount of money to afford this type of beauty. If you are interested in rates please email

New Ideas?
Please contact Jenny Bliss, our event coordinator at

Take the Plunge!  

Give your dog a chance at a better life. Dog Island is the solution to a free and natural life.

Save Money!  
Recent legislation in several towns has taken the costs of Dog Islands out of tax money.

Daily Discovery  

Dogologists around the world are studying the behavioral development on Dog Island. Exciting and new things are happening on almost daily basis.

Soothing Sounds  

Several of our dogologists have placed microphones on Dog Island. Listen to the soothing sounds of Dog Island.