Dog Island Conditions
Big Dogs: 1570
Medium Dogs: 988
Small Dogs: 334
  High: 74° F
Low: 58° F

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Dog Events

May 8
New CD Dogology is finally Mastered! Click here to listen to samples

April 8
Big Dogs Island Visiting Day

September 8
Small Dogs Island Visiting Day

November 22
Around the Island On Boat
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The Dog Island refers to a complex set of islands that have different purposes and areas.

While Dog Island is almost entirely free range territory for the dogs to enjoy, there are 5 critical facilities built on and near the island complex.

1) Immunization and Naturalization Center
2) Health & Fitness Boot Camp Dog Training
3) Wildlife Behavioral Recovery Center
4) Family Building Mentoring Center
5) Injury and Trauma Recovery Center

The Complex of Islands

Dog Island is actually made up of quite a few different islands, a complex of them. They are so beautiful. We get excited on every boat ride.

1) Mega Dog Island
This is a vast island, the biggest one. Dogs of medium size and up are all extremely happy here. We keep the extremely large dogs to an island of their own, but this is basically where all of the normal dogs go.

2) Huge Dogs Island
There are very few dogs that need this type of attention. The dogs on this island are not aggressive, but they would be if they were with dogs that were not in their own category.

2) Tiny Dogs Island
The miniatures are the most complex and fragile. We have special facilities to attend to their needs. While all of them are completely sick of being condescended upon, being called princess and angel and being put in pink -- they do also need quite a few comforts. They are given nesting sites through out what is a very small island.

The most interesting things have happened!! They are beginning to create sub socities in the trees. They are very hard to count, but are very happy. The island is full of grasshoppers and other little munchies which they go crazy for.

Take the Plunge!  

Give your dog a chance at a better life. Dog Island is the solution to a free and natural life.

Save Money!  
Recent legislation in several towns has taken the costs of Dog Islands out of tax money.

Daily Discovery  

Dogologists around the world are studying the behavioral development on Dog Island. Exciting and new things are happening on almost daily basis.

Soothing Sounds  

Several of our dogologists have placed microphones on Dog Island. Listen to the soothing sounds of Dog Island.