This site was made in jest, for fun for love of dogs and for love of life.
You are to take NO actions, make NO decisions based on the content of this website.
In other words, we are not responsible for ANYTHING you do. If I could make this any clearer to you, I would. You can't blame us for ANYTHING. You can't be mad at us for ANYTHING. The only point for you on this website is to enjoy yourself. And if you don't enjoy yourself, you absolutely canNOT blame us for this lack of enjoyment - it is completely your fault.
We are selling nothing, we want nothing from you, not your personal information, not your credit card, not your dog, not your money... NOTHING. We have asked you for nothing, we will continue to ask you for nothing, so please, make sure to NOT GIVE IT TO US, as we will not accept it.
To all friendly, kind, loving people, who don't find a need to blame other people for any and everything, thank you for your time, sorry if you read this and felt unloved - WE LOVE YOU !!! :::))))