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May 8
New CD Dogology is finally Mastered! Click here to listen to samples

April 8
Big Dogs Island Visiting Day

September 8
Small Dogs Island Visiting Day

November 22
Around the Island On Boat
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The Dog Island is a radically essential new idea that has worked beautifully well. It has been a long, arduous journey, filled with many steps. Each of those steps has been accompanied by much detailed research.

Dog Island is a venture started by Xiao Min and Han Fei. After witnessing horrible events in their own country living in the city of Pexian, they swore to help as many dogs as they had heard about being hurt. This led them to move to the United States to join forces with the many great-hearted already at work.

Problematic Areas

After much work in the field of canine rescue and dog training & adoption, Xiao Minn and Han Fei soon realized that there were two critical areas of dogs' lives that were out of balance:

1) The ability to freely decide where to go
2) The ability to be part of a large social network of dogs

The restrictions on these two areas are caused by the use of leashes, and the fact that most dogs live in peoples' homes, most of the time waiting for the time when they can maybe meet one of their other dog friends.

They realized that dogs are severely missing in canine contact, and are severely missing in freedom. This is what they sought to bring to the dog world through Dog Island.

They share a great respect for these very complex animals, and have hired a team of beautiful people that also understand how fully multi-dimensional these animals we call dogs really are.

After many unsuccessful meetings with investors, they were contacted by Linda Reyes, a succesful and interesting woman from Manhattan. This was the magically-cohesive moment which helped Xiao and Han's vision leap into reality.

The three of them met with Linda's friend Diana Rogers, who has been a dogologist for many years in private practise. All four of the founding members shared a common love for dogs and a common vision of the right place for these beautiful creatures.

What they have all witnessed in canine development has been truly heart warming for all involved. They have learned a lot, and have made incredible spiritual progress due to this work. Dogs have been given the proper outlets for their their freedom-lust and their supreme social nature.

Take the Plunge!  

Give your dog a chance at a better life. Dog Island is the solution to a free and natural life.

Save Money!  
Recent legislation in several towns has taken the costs of Dog Islands out of tax money.

Daily Discovery  

Dogologists around the world are studying the behavioral development on Dog Island. Exciting and new things are happening on almost daily basis.

Soothing Sounds  

Several of our dogologists have placed microphones on Dog Island. Listen to the soothing sounds of Dog Island.